About Kevin Pelrine

A designer with over seven years experience solving complex problems, I bring a human-centered, systems thinking approach to my work in the UX world. 

Professionally known, at times, as an information architect, UX designer, user researcher, and interaction designer, I've worked in that capacity to design creative solutions for digital ad campaigns and enterprise software.

I have experience in creating design systems, designing internal communication chat tools (that actually work), and dissecting navigation hierarchies. I also enjoy creating and moderating user tests (really!), as it allows me a glimpse in the psychology of the user so I can make informed design decisions.

I'm interested in exploring how design thinking can be applied to real world problems, interrogating ethical issues in technology, and interpersonal dynamics. Always eager to teach and mentor, I like making complex problems easy to understand. 

Master's degree in Library and Information Science. Bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary media arts. Formal training in music. Professional tarot reader and educator. Informal studies in religion, psychology, and history. Pretty decent chef. Cat person.